ouketi <3765>

ouketi ouketi also (separately) ouk eti ouk eti

Pronunciation:ook-et'-ee ook et'-ee
Origin:from 3756 and 2089
In Greek:ouketi 47
In NET:no longer 26, not any longer 4, any longer 3, not 3, any more 2, no further 2, No longer 1, never 1, no more 1, none 1, no one 1, not longer 1
In AV:no more 29, any more 3, now not 2, misc 13
Definition:1) no longer, no more, no further
from 3756 and 2089; not yet, no longer:-after that (not), (not) any
more, henceforth (hereafter) not, no longer (more), not as yet (now),
now no more (not), yet (not).
see GREEK for 3756
see GREEK for 2089

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