omnuo <3660>

omnuw omnuo

Origin:a prolonged form of a primary but obsolete omw omo, for which another prolonged form (omow omoo \@om-o'-o\@) is used in certain tenses
Reference:TDNT - 5:176,683
In Greek:omnuei 3, omnuein 1, omnuete 1, omnunai 1, omnuousin 1, omosai 2, omosav 3, omosh 4, omoshv 1, wmosa 2, wmosen 7
In NET:swears 10, swore 4, I swore 2, he swore 2, did he swear 1, could swear 1, take an oath 1, do swear 1, had sworn 1, take oaths 1, has sworn 1, swear 1
In AV:swear 27
Definition:1) to swear
2) to affirm, promise, threaten, with an oath
3) in swearing to call a person or thing as witness, to invoke, swear by
to swear, i.e. take (or declare on) oath:-swear.

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