anamimnesko <363>

anamimhskw anamimnesko

Origin:from 303 and 3403
In Greek:anamimnhskesye 1, anamimnhskomenou 1, anamimnhskw 1, anamnhsei 1, anamnhsyeiv 1, anemnhsyh 1
In NET:remembered 2, He will remind 1, I remind 1, remember 1, when remembers 1
In AV:call to remembrance 2, call to mind 1, bring to remembrance 1, remember 1, put to remembrance 1
Definition:1) to call to remembrance, to remind, to admonish
2) to remember, to remember and weigh well and consider
from 303 and 3403; to remind; (reflexively) to recollect:-call to
mind, (bring to , call to, put in), remember(-brance).
see GREEK for 303
see GREEK for 3403

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