hode <3592>

ode hode including the feminine hde hede and the neuter tode tode

Pronunciation:hod'-eh hay'-deh tod'-e
Origin:from 3588 and 1161
In Greek:tade 8, thde 1, thnde 1
In NET:following 4, This 3, this 1, this or that 1
In AV:these things 7, thus 1, after this manner 1, he 1, she 1, such 1
Definition:1) this one here, these things, as follows, thus
from 3588 and 1161; the same, i.e. this or that one (plural these or
those); often used as a personal pronoun:-he, she, such, these, thus.
see GREEK for 3588
see GREEK for 1161

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