xeros <3584>

xhrov xeros

Origin:from the base of 3582 (through the idea of scorching)
In Greek:xhra 1, xhran 4, xhrav 1, xhrw 1, xhrwn 1
In NET:withered 3, dry 2, a withered 1, land 1, paralyzed 1
In AV:withered 4, dry 1, dry land 1, land 1
Definition:1) dry
1a) of members of the body deprived of their natural juices,
shrunk, wasted, withered
1b) of the land in distinction from the water
from the base of 3582 (through the idea of scorching); arid; by
implication, shrunken, earth (as opposed to water):-dry land,
see GREEK for 3582

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