xeraino <3583>

xhrainw xeraino

Origin:from 3584
In Greek:exhrammenhn 2, exhranen 1, exhrantai 1, exhranyh 10, xhrainetai 1
In NET:it withered 2, withered 2, dries up 2, dried up 1, did wither 1, becomes rigid 1, a withered 1, is ripe 1, they withered 1, stopped 1, withers 1, has withered 1
In AV:wither away 6, wither 5, dry up 3, pine away 1, be ripe 1
Definition:1) to make dry, dry up, wither
2) to become dry, to be dry, be withered
2a) of plants
2b) of the ripening of crops
2c) of fluids
2d) of the members of the body
3) to waste away, pine away, i.e. a withered hand
from 3584; to desiccate; by implication, to shrivel, to mature:-dry
up, pine away, be ripe, wither (away).
see GREEK for 3584

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