xenizo <3579>

xenizw xenizo

Origin:from 3581
Reference:TDNT - 5:1,661
In Greek:exenisen 2, xenisantev 1, xenisywmen 1, xenizesye 1, xenizetai 3, xenizonta 1, xenizontai 1
In NET:entertained as guests 2, is staying as a guest 2, have entertained 1, do be astonished 1, surprising things 1, was staying as a guest 1, they are astonished 1, we were to stay 1
In AV:lodge 6, think it strange 2, strange 1, entertain 1
Definition:1) to receive as a guest, to entertain, hospitably
1a) to be received hospitably
1b) to stay as a guest, to lodge
1c) be lodged
2) to surprise or astonish by the strangeness and novelty of a thing
2b) to think strange, be shocked
from 3581; to be a host (passively, a guest); by implication, be
(make, appear) strange:-entertain, lodge, (think it) strange.
see GREEK for 3581

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