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NETBible: Strong -- 3581

xenos <3581>

xenov xenos

Origin:apparently a primary word
Reference:TDNT - 5:1,661
In Greek:xenaiv 1, xenoi 4, xenoiv 1, xenon 2, xenou 1, xenouv 1, xenov 3, xenwn 1
In NET:a stranger 4, strangers 3, foreigners 3, host 1, of foreign 1, strange 1, something strange 1
In AV:stranger 10, strange 3, host 1
Definition:1) a foreigner, a stranger
1a) alien (from a person or a thing)
1b) without the knowledge of, without a share in
1c) new, unheard of
2) one who receives and entertains another hospitably
2a) with whom he stays or lodges, a host
apparently a primary word; foreign (literally, alien, or figuratively,
novel); by implication, a guest or (vice-versa) entertainer:-host,

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