numphe <3565>

numfh numphe

Origin:from a primary but obsolete verb nupto (to veil as a bride, cf Latin "nupto," to marry)
Reference:TDNT - 4:1099,657
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:numfh 2, numfhn 5, numfhv 1
In NET:bride 4, daughter-in-law 2, a bride 1, a daughter-in-law 1
In AV:bride 5, daughter in law 3
Definition:1) a betrothed woman, a bride
2) a recently married woman, young wife
3) a young woman
4) a daughter-in-law
from a primary but obsolete verb nupto (to veil as a bride; compare
Latin "nupto," to marry); a young married woman (as veiled), including
a betrothed girl; by implication, a son's wife:-bride, daughter in

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