nekros <3498>

nekrov nekros

Origin:from an apparently primary nekus (a corpse)
Reference:TDNT - 4:892,627
In Greek:nekra 3, nekran 1, nekroi 14, nekroiv 2, nekron 3, nekrou 1, nekrouv 19, nekrov 9, nekrwn 76, nekrwn] 2
In NET:dead 119, of dead 2, of the dead 2, corpse 1, a corpse 1, death 1, from dead 1, resurrected 1, dead man 1
In AV:dead 132
Definition:1) properly
1a) one that has breathed his last, lifeless
1b) deceased, departed, one whose soul is in heaven or hell
1c) destitute of life, without life, inanimate
2) metaph.
2a) spiritually dead
2a1) destitute of a life that recognises and is devoted to God,
because given up to trespasses and sins
2a2) inactive as respects doing right
2b) destitute of force or power, inactive, inoperative
from an apparently primary nekus (a corpse); dead (literally or
figuratively; also as noun):-dead.

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