moicheuo <3431>

moiceuw moicheuo

Origin:from 3432
Reference:TDNT - 4:729,605
In Greek:emoiceusen 1, moiceuei 2, moiceuein 1, moiceueiv 2, moiceuomenh]] 1, moiceuontav 1, moiceuseiv 3, moiceushv 3, moiceuyhnai 1
In NET:commit adultery 3, Do commit adultery 3, commits adultery 2, do commit adultery 2, do you commit adultery 1, to commit adultery 1, of adultery 1, has committed adultery 1, you do commit adultery 1
In AV:commit adultery 13, in adultery 1
Definition:1) to commit adultery
1a) to be an adulterer
1b) to commit adultery with, have unlawful intercourse with
another's wife
1c) of the wife: to suffer adultery, be debauched
1d) A Hebrew idiom, the word is used of those who at a woman's
solicitation are drawn away to idolatry, i.e. to the eating
of things sacrificed to idols
from 3432; to commit adultery:-commit adultery.
see GREEK for 3432

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