moichalis <3428>

moicaliv moichalis

Origin:a prolonged form of the feminine of 3432
Reference:TDNT - 4:729,605
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:moicalida 1, moicalidev 1, moicalidi 1, moicalidov 1, moicaliv 3
In NET:adulterous 3, an adulteress 2, Adulterers 1, of adultery 1
In AV:adulterous 3, adulteress 3, adultery 1
Definition:1) an adulteress
2) as the intimate alliance of God with the people of Israel was
likened to a marriage, those who relapse into idolatry are
said to commit adultery or play the harlot
2a) fig. equiv. to faithless to God, unclean, apostate
a prolonged form of the feminine of 3432; an adulteress (literally or
figuratively):-adulteress(-ous, -y).
see GREEK for 3432

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