kineo <2795>

kinew kineo

Origin:from kio (poetic for eimi, to go)
Reference:TDNT - 3:718,435
In Greek:ekinhyh 1, ekinhyhsan 1, kinhsai 1, kinhsw 1, kinoumeya 1, kinounta 1, kinountev 2
In NET:shaking 2, remove 1, move about 1, to move 1, was stirred up 1, was moved 1, who stirs up 1
In AV:move 4, wag 2, remove 1, mover 1
Definition:1) to cause to go, i.e. to move, set in motion
1a) to be moved, move: of that motion which is evident in life
1b) to move from a place, to remove
2) metaph.
2a) to move excite
2b) a riot, disturbance
2c) to throw into commotion
from kio (poetic for eimi, to go); to stir (transitively), literally
or figuratively:-(re-)move(-r), way.

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