katheudo <2518>

kayeudw katheudo

Origin:from 2596 and heudo (to sleep)
Reference:TDNT - 3:431,384
In Greek:ekayeuden 1, ekayeudon 1, kayeudei 3, kayeudein 1, kayeudeiv 1, kayeudete 3, kayeudh 1, kayeudontav 5, kayeudontev 1, kayeudousin 1, kayeudwmen 2, kayeudwn 2
In NET:sleeping 6, asleep 5, are you sleeping 2, Are you still sleeping 2, sleep 2, was asleep 1, He goes to sleep 1, sleeper 1, we must sleep 1, fell asleep 1
In AV:sleep 22
Definition:1) to fall asleep, drop off to sleep
2) to sleep
2a) to sleep normally
2b) euphemistically, to be dead
2c) metaph.
2c1) to yield to sloth and sin
2c2) to be indifferent to one's salvation
from 2596 and heudo (to sleep); to lie down to rest, i.e. (by
implication) to fall asleep (literally or figuratively):-(be
see GREEK for 2596

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