themelios <2310>

yemeliov themelios or yemelion themelion

Pronunciation:them-el'-ee-os them-el'-ee-on
Origin:from a derivative of 5087
Reference:TDNT - 3:63,322
In Greek:yemelia 1, yemelioi 1, yemelion 8, yemeliou 1, yemeliouv 2, yemeliov 2, yemeliw 1
In NET:foundation 10, foundations 4, a foundation 2
In AV:foundation 16
Definition:1) laid down as a foundation, the foundation (of a building, wall, city)
2) metaph. the foundations, beginnings, first principals
2a) of institution or system of truth
from a derivative of 5087; something put down, i.e. a substruction (of
a building, etc.), (literally or figuratively):-foundation.
see GREEK for 5087

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