heko <2240>

hkw heko

Origin:a primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 2:926,306
In Greek:hkei 4, hkw 3, hxei 8, hxousin 6, hxw 3
In NET:will come 8, I have come 3, I will come 2, has come 2, will arrive 1, will be held responsible 1, I come 1, come 1, experience 1, people will come 1, will come out 1, had come back 1, returned 1
In AV:come 27
Definition:1) to have come, have arrived, be present
2) metaph.
2a) to come to one, i.e. to seek an intimacy with one, become
his follower: to come upon one (unexpectedly)
2b) to come upon one, of things endured
a primary verb; to arrive, i.e. be present (literally or

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