alalazo <214>

alalzw alalazo

Origin:from alale ( a shout, "halloo")
Reference:TDNT - 1:227,36
In Greek:alalazon 1, alalazontav 1
In NET:a clanging 1, wailing 1
In AV:wail 1, tinkle 1
Definition:1) to repeat frequently the cry "alala" as soldiers used to do on
entering into battle
2) to utter a joyful sound
3) to wail, lament
4) to ring loudly, to clang

Synonym : See Definition 5804
from alale ( a shout, "halloo"); to vociferate, i.e. (by implication)
to wail; figuratively, to clang:-tinkle, wail.

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