eschatos <2078>

escatwv eschatos

Origin:a superlative probably from 2192 (in the sense of contiguity)
Reference:TDNT - 2:697,264
In Greek:escata 4, escataiv 3, escatav 1, escath 11, escatoi 9, escaton 7, escatou 5, escatouv 1, escatov 6, escatw 2, escatwn 3
In NET:last 35, final 2, least important 2, last state 2, Finally 2, end 1, Last 1, ends 1, will be last 1, more recent 1, last man 1, very last 1, farthest parts 1
In AV:last 46, lowest 2, uttermost 2, last state 2, ends 1, latter end 1
Definition:1) extreme
1a) last in time or in place
1b) last in a series of places
1c) last in a temporal succession
2) the last
2a) last, referring to time
2b) of space, the uttermost part, the end, of the earth
2c) of rank, grade of worth, last i.e. lowest
a superlative probably from 2192 (in the sense of contiguity);
farthest, final (of place or time):-ends of, last, latter end,
lowest, uttermost.
see GREEK for 2192

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