epikeimai <1945>

epikeimai epikeimai

Origin:from 1909 and 2749
Reference:TDNT - 3:655,425
In Greek:epekeinto 1, epekeito 1, epikeimena 1, epikeimenon 1, epikeimenou 1, epikeisyai 1, epikeitai 1
In NET:continued to batter 1, compelled 1, imposed 1, placed 1, was placed 1, they were insistent 1, was pressing around 1
In AV:press upon 1, be instant 1, lie 1, be laid thereon 1, lie on 1, be laid upon 1, be imposed on 1
Definition:1) to lie upon or over, rest upon, be laid or placed upon
1a) on the burning coals
2) metaph.
2a) of things, of the pressure of a violent tempest
2b) of men, to press upon, to be urgent
from 1909 and 2749; to rest upon (literally or figuratively):-impose,
be instant, (be) laid (there-, up-)on, (when) lay (on), lie (on),
press upon.
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 2749

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