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NETBible: Strong -- 2749

keimai <2749>

keimai keimai

Origin:middle voice of a primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 3:654,425
In Greek:ekeito 4, keimai 1, keimena 2, keimenai 1, keimenh 1, keimenhn 1, keimenon 4, keimenov 1, keimeya 1, keitai 7, [keimena 1
In NET:lying 5, lies 2, is laid 2, had been lying 1, he was lying 1, had been buried 1, be hidden 1, I am placed 1, intended 1, is being laid 1, was standing 1, stored up 1, is laid out 1, we are destined 1, is destined to be the cause of 1, ready 1
In AV:lie 9, be laid 6, be set 6, be appointed 1, be 1, be made 1, laid up 1, there 1
Definition:1) to lie
1a) of an infant
1b) of one buried
1c) of things that quietly cover some spot
1c1) of a city situated on a hill
1d) of things put or set in any place, in ref. to which we often
use "to stand"
1d1) of vessels, of a throne, of the site of a city, of grain
and other things laid up together, of a foundation
2) metaph.
2a) to be (by God's intent) set, i.e. destined, appointed
2b) of laws, to be made, laid down
2c) lies in the power of the evil one, i.e. is held in
subjection by the devil
middle voice of a primary verb; to lie outstretched (literally or
figuratively):-be (appointed, laid up, made, set), lay, lie. Compare
see GREEK for 5087

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