epecho <1907>

epecw epecho

Origin:from 1909 and 2192
In Greek:epece 1, epecontev 1, epecwn 1, epeicen 1, epescen 1
In NET:Be conscientious 1, by holding on to 1, he stayed on 1, paid attention 1, when noticed 1
In AV:mark 1, give heed unto 1, stay 1, hold forth 1, take heed unto 1
Definition:1) to have or hold upon, apply, to observe, attend to
1a) to give attention to
2) to hold towards, hold forth, present
3) to check
3a) delay, stop, stay
from 1909 and 2192; to hold upon, i.e. (by implication) to retain; (by
extension) to detain; (with implication, of 3563) to pay attention
to:-give (take) heed unto, hold forth, mark, stay.
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 2192
see GREEK for 3563

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