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NETBible: Strong -- 1614

ekteino <1614>

ekteinw ekteino

Origin:from 1537 and teino (to stretch)
Reference:TDNT - 2:460,219
In Greek:ekteinav 7, ekteinein 2, ekteinon 3, ekteneiv 1, exeteinate 1, exeteinen 2
In NET:stretched out 4, Stretch out 3, extend 1, drew out 1, He stretched out 1, held out 1, pointing 1, you did arrest 1, to put out 1, reached out 1, you will stretch out 1
In AV:stretch forth 10, put forth 3, stretch out 2, cast 1
Definition:1) to stretch out, stretch forth
1a) over, towards, against one
from 1537 and teino (to stretch); to extend:-cast, put forth, stretch
forth (out).
see GREEK for 1537

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