ekdikeo <1556>

ekdikew ekdikeo

Origin:from 1558
Reference:TDNT - 2:442,215
In Greek:ekdikeiv 1, ekdikhsai 1, ekdikhson 1, ekdikhsw 1, ekdikountev 1, exedikhsen 1
In NET:avenge 2, Give justice 1, I will give justice 1, to punish 1, has avenged 1
In AV:avenge 5, revenge 1
Definition:1) to vindicate one's right, do one justice
1a) to protect, defend, one person from another
2) to avenge a thing
2a) to punish a person for a thing
from 1558; to vindicate, retaliate, punish:-a (re-)venge.
see GREEK for 1558

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