eidololatres <1496>

eidwlolatrhv eidololatres

Origin:from 1497 and the base of 3000
Reference:TDNT - 2:379,202
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:eidwlolatrai 3, eidwlolatraiv 2, eidwlolatrhv 2
In NET:idolaters 4, an idolater 2, idol worshipers 1
In AV:idolater 7
Definition:1) a worshipper of false gods, a idolater
1a) used of any one even Christian, participant in any way in the
worship of the heathen, esp. one who attends their sacrificial
feasts and eats of the remains of offered victims
2) a covetous man as a worshipper of Mammon
from 1497 and the base of 3000; an image- (servant or) worshipper
(literally or figuratively):-idolater.
see GREEK for 1497
see GREEK for 3000

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