egkataleipo <1459>

egkataleipw egkataleipo

Origin:from 1722 and 2641
In Greek:egkataleipomenoi 1, egkataleipontev 1, egkataleiqeiv 1, egkatalipw 1, egkateleifyh 1, egkateleipen 1, egkateleipon 1, egkatelipen 1, egkatelipev 2
In NET:have you forsaken 2, abandoning 1, abandoned 1, I will abandon 1, deserted 1, had left 1, they deserted 1, he was abandoned 1, you will leave 1
In AV:forsake 7, leave 2
Definition:1) abandon, desert
1a) leave in straits, leave helpless
1b) totally abandoned, utterly forsaken
2) to leave behind among, to leave surviving
from 1722 and 2641; to leave behind in some place, i.e. (in a good
sense) let remain over, or (in a bad sense) to desert:-forsake,
see GREEK for 1722
see GREEK for 2641

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