egkaleo <1458>

egkalew egkaleo

Origin:from 1722 and 2564
Reference:TDNT - 3:496,394
In Greek:egkaleisyai 1, egkaleitwsan 1, egkalesei 1, egkaloumai 2, egkaloumenon 1, enekaloun 1
In NET:accusing 1, I have been accused 1, charges 1, of being charged 1, was accused 1, they were accusing 1, will bring any charge 1
In AV:accuse 4, implead 1, call in question 1, lay anything to the charge 1
Definition:1) to come forward as accuser against, bring charge against
2) to be accused
from 1722 and 2564; to call in (as a debt or demand), i.e. bring to
account (charge, criminate, etc.):-accuse, call in question, implead,
lay to the charge.
see GREEK for 1722
see GREEK for 2564

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