dipsao <1372>

diqaw dipsao

Origin:from a variation of 1373
Reference:TDNT - 2:226,177
In Greek:diqa 2, diqhsei 3, diqhsousin 1, diqw 2, diqwmen 1, diqwn 1, diqwnta 2, diqwntev 1, diqwnti 1, ediqhsa 2
In NET:thirsty 4, will be thirsty 3, is thirsty 2, I was thirsty 2, I am thirsty 1, I will be thirsty 1, he is thirsty 1, thirst 1, be thirsty 1
In AV:thirst 10, be thirsty 3, be athirst 3
Definition:1) to suffer thirst, suffer from thirst
1a) figuratively, those who are said to thirst who painfully feel
their want of, and eagerly long for, those things by which the
soul is refreshed, supported, strengthened
from a variation of 1373; to thirst for (literally or
figuratively):-(be, be a-)thirst(-y).
see GREEK for 1373

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