haima <129>

aima haima

Origin:of uncertain derivation
Reference:TDNT - 1:172,26
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:aima 43, aimati 20, aimatov 33, aimatwn 1, aima]] 1
In NET:blood 83, of Blood 2, bleeding 2, a hemorrhage 2, blood red 1, death 1, human being 1, of bloodshed 1, of blood 1, human parents 1, with blood 1, from blood 1
In AV:blood 99
Definition:1) blood
1a) of man or animals
1b) refers to the seat of life
1c) of those things that resemble blood, grape juice
2) blood shed, to be shed by violence, slay, murder
of uncertain derivation; blood, literally (of men or animals),
figuratively (the juice of grapes) or specially (the atoning blood of
Christ); by implication, bloodshed, also kindred:-blood.

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