ge <1093>

gh ge

Origin:contracted from a root word
Reference:TDNT - 1:677,116
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:gh 36, ghn 75, ghn]] 3, ghv 135
In NET:earth 156, land 29, ground 24, soil 13, country 5, region 4, shore 4, world 3, earth's 2, ashore 1, Land 1, an earth 1, earthly things 1, territory 1, earthly 1, beach 1
In AV:earth 188, land 42, ground 18, country 2, world 1, earthly + 1537 + 3588 1
Definition:1) arable land
2) the ground, the earth as a standing place
3) the main land as opposed to the sea or water
4) the earth as a whole
4a) the earth as opposed to the heavens
4b) the inhabited earth, the abode of men and animals
5) a country, land enclosed within fixed boundaries, a tract of
land, territory, region
contracted from a primary word; soil; by extension a region, or the
solid part or the whole of the terrene globe (including the occupants
in each application):-country, earth(-ly), ground, land, world.

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