t@shuwbah <08666>

hbwvt t@shuwbah or hbvt t@shubah

Pronunciation:tesh-oo-baw' tesh-oo-baw'
Origin:from 07725
Reference:TWOT - 2340f
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tbwstl 3, Mkytbwstw 1, wtbstw 1, tbst 1, tbwst 1, tbwstlw 1
In NET:spring 4, answers 2, return 1, beginning 1
In AV:return 3, expired 3, answers 2
Definition:1) a recurrence, an answer, return
1a) return
1a1) completion of a year, return of a year
1b) at the return (construct)
1c) answer, reply
or tshubah {tesh-oo-baw'}; from 7725; a recurrence (of time
or place); a reply (as returned):-answer, be expired,
see HEBREW for 07725

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