t@reyn (Aramaic) <08648>

Nyrt t@reyn (Aramaic) fem. Nytrt tarteyn

Pronunciation:ter-ane' tar-tane'
Origin:corresponding to 08147
Reference:TWOT - 3061c
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime
In Hebrew:yrt 2, Nytrt 1, Nytrtw 1
In NET:twelve 2, second 1, sixty-two 1
In AV:twelve + 06236 2, two 1, second 1
Definition:1) two
1a) two (as cardinal number)
1b) second (as ordinal number)
1c) two (in combination with other numbers)
(Aramaic) feminine tarteyn {tar-tane'}; corresponding to
8147; two:-second, + twelve, two.
see HEBREW for 08147

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