tachbulah <08458>

hlbxt tachbulah or hlwbxt tachbuwlah

Pronunciation:takh-boo-law' takh-boo-law'
Origin:from 02254 as denominative from 02256
Reference:TWOT - 596a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:twlbxt 3, *wytlwbxtb {wtlwbxtb} 1, twlbxtbw 1, twlbxtb 1
In NET:guidance 4, counsels 1, plans 1
In AV:counsel 5, good advice 1
Definition:1) direction, counsel, guidance, good advice, (wise) counsel
1a) direction, guidance
1b) counsel
1b1) good or wise counsel
1b2) of the wicked
or tachbuwlah {takh-boo-law'}; from 2254 as denominative from
2256; (only in plural) properly, steerage (as a management of
ropes), i.e. (figuratively) guidance or (by implication) a
plan:-good advice, (wise) counsels.
see HEBREW for 02254
see HEBREW for 02256

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