'ishshah <0801>

hva 'ishshah

Origin:the same as 0800, but used in a liturgical sense
Reference:TWOT - 172a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:hsa 45, ysa 9, ysam 8, ysal 1, hsah 1, hsaw 1
In NET:gift 28, offering made by fire 15, gifts 14, sacrifice made by fire 2, fire offering 1, fire offerings 1, burnt offerings 1, offering by fire 1, offering made fire 1, sacrificial offerings 1
In AV:offering...by fire 65
Definition:1) burnt-offering, offering made by fire, fire offering
the same as 800, but used in a liturgical sense; properly, a
burnt-offering; but occasionally of any
sacrifice:-(offering, sacrifice), (made) by fire.
see HEBREW for 0800

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