shakar <07937>

rkv shakar

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2388
In Hebrew:yrkst 2, wrksw 2, whrksyw 1, Mrksaw 1, rksyw 1, whryksh 1, rks 1, wrksyw 1, wrks 1, trksm 1, hrksl 1, ryksa 1, Nwrksy 1, Mytrkshw 1, Nyrktst 1, trksw 1, ytrkshw 1
In NET:drunk 8, get drunk 3, got drunk 2, drink 1, Drink freely 1, get 1, make drunk 1, thirsty 1, drunkards 1
In AV:drunken 12, drunk 4, filled with drink 1, abundantly 1, were merry 1
Definition:1) to be or become drunk or drunken, be intoxicated
1a) (Qal) to become drunken
1b) (Piel) to make drunken, cause to be drunk
1c) (Hiphil) to cause to be drunk
1d) (Hithpael) to make oneself drunk
a primitive root; to become tipsy; in a qualified sense, to
satiate with a stimulating drink or (figuratively)
influence:-(be filled with) drink (abundantly), (be, make)
drunk(-en), be merry. (Superlative of 8248.)
see HEBREW for 08248

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