shikkowr <07910>

rwkv shikkowr or rkv shikkor

Pronunciation:shik-kore' shik-kore'
Origin:from 07937
Reference:TWOT - 2388b
In Hebrew:rwks 5, rwksk 3, yrks 1, hrksl 1, yrwks 1, rks 1, Myrwks 1
In NET:drunk 5, drunkards 4, drinking heavily 2, drunkard 1, intoxicated 1
In AV:drunken 5, drunkard 5, drunk 2, drunken man 1
Definition:1) drunken
1a) drunken
1b) drunkard, drunken one (subst)
or shikkor {shik-kore'}; from 7937; intoxicated, as a state
or a habit:-drunk(-ard, -en, -en man).
see HEBREW for 07937

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