Qiryath Y@`ariym <07157>

Myrey tyrq Qiryath Y@`ariym or (\\#Jer 26:20\\) with

Pronunciation:keer-yath' yeh-aw-reem'
Origin:the article interposed or (\\#Jos 18:28\\) simply the former part of the word or Myre tyrq Qiryath `Ariym \\keer-yath' aw-reem'\\ from 07151 and the pl. of 03293 or 05892
PrtSpch:noun proper locative
In Hebrew:Myrey 17, tyrq 1, Myre 1, Myreyh 1
In NET:Kiriath Jearim 19, Kiriath 1
In AV:Kirjathjearim 19, Kirjath 1
Definition:Kirjath-jearim = "city of forests"

1) a city on the northern boundary of Judah and on the western and
southern boundaries of Benjamin
1a) also 'Kirjath-baal' and 'Baalah'
or (Jer. 26:20) with the article interposed; or (Josh. 18:28)
simply the former part of the word; or Qiryath tAriym
{keer-yath' aw-reem'}; from 7151 and the plural of 3293 or
5892; city of forests, or city of towns; Kirjath-Jearim or
Kirjath-Arim, a place in Palestine:-Kirjath, Kirjath-jearim,
see HEBREW for 07151
see HEBREW for 03293
see HEBREW for 05892
in Bible:
Kiriath Arim (NIV)
Kiriath Jearim (NET)
Kiriath-arim (NASB)
Kiriath-Jearim (KJV, TEV)
Kiriath-jearim (NASB, NRSV)
Kiriatharim (KJV, NRSV, TEV)

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