puwq <06329>

qwp puwq

Origin:a primitive root [identical with 06328 through the idea of dropping out
Reference:TWOT - 1748
In Hebrew:qypy 2, qpyw 2, qptw 1, qpt 1, Myqypm 1
In NET:receives 2, obtains 2, actively help 1, allow 1, providing 1
In AV:obtain 3, further 1, get 1, draw out 1, affording 1
Definition:1) to bring out, furnish, promote, go out, issue
1a) (Hiphil)
1a1) to produce, furnish
1a2) to bring out, elicit, obtain, cause to come out from
1a3) to promote
1a4) to cause to go out to
a primitive root (identical with 6328 through the idea of
dropping out; compare 5312); to issue, i.e. furnish;
causatively, to secure; figuratively, to succeed:-afford,
draw out, further, get, obtain.
see HEBREW for 06328
see HEBREW for 05312

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