n@phaq (Aramaic) <05312>

qpn n@phaq (Aramaic)

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 2868
In Hebrew:qpnh 4, Nyqpn 1, wqpnh 1, tqpn 1, *hqpn {wqpn} 1, qpn 1, qpnw 1, wqp 1
In NET:brought 2, confiscated 2, come out 1, appeared 1, emerged 1, taken 1, proceeding 1, gone out 1, went out 1
In AV:take out 4, come forth 4, go forth 2, take forth 1,
Definition:1) to go or come out, bring or come forth
1a) (P'al) to go out or forth
1b) (Aphel) to bring forth
(Aramaic) a primitive root; to issue; causatively, to bring
out:-come (go, take) forth (out).

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