`issarown <06241>

Nwrse `issarown or Nrse `issaron

Pronunciation:is-saw-rone' is-saw-rone'
Origin:from 06235
Reference:TWOT - 1711h
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mynrve 19, Nwrve 9, Nwrvew 3, Nrvew 2
In NET:three-tenths of an ephah 8, one-tenth 7, one-tenth of an ephah 6, two-tenths of an ephah 5, tenths of an ephah 3, two-tenths 3, tenth 1
In AV:tenth deal 25, tenth 3
Definition:1) tenth part, tithe
or oissaron {is-saw-rone'}; from 6235; (fractional) a tenth
part:-tenth deal.
see HEBREW for 06235

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