millu' <04394>

alm millu'

Origin:from 04390
Reference:TWOT - 1195e
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myalmh 8, Myalm 4, Myawlmw 1, Myawlmlw 1, Mkyalm 1
In NET:ordination 5, consecration 4, consecration offerings 1, mounted 1, mounting 1, ordination offering 1, settings 1, set 1
In AV:consecration 11, set 4
Definition:1) setting, installation
1a) setting, stones for setting
1b) installation (of priests)
from 4390; a fulfilling (only in plural), i.e. (literally) a
setting (of gems), or (technically) consecration (also
concretely, a dedicatory sacrifice):-consecration, be set.
see HEBREW for 04390

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