chalaqlaqqah <02519>

hqlqlx chalaqlaqqah or (plural) twqlqlx

Origin:by reduplication from 02505
Reference:TWOT - 670f
PrtSpch:noun feminime plural
In Hebrew:twqlqlxb 2, twqlqlxw 1, twqlqlxk 1
In NET:slippery 2, deceit 1, deceitfully 1
In AV:slippery 2, flatteries 2
Definition:1) flattery, slipperiness, fine promises, smoothness
1a) slipperiness
1b) fine promises
by reduplication from 2505; properly, something very smooth;
i.e. a treacherous spot; figuratively,
blandishment:-flattery, slippery.
see HEBREW for 02505

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