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NETBible: Strong -- 02518

Chilqiyah <02518>

hyqlx Chilqiyah or whyqlx Chilqiyahuw

Pronunciation:khil-kee-yaw' khil-kee-yaw'-hoo
Origin:from 02506 and 03050
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:whyqlx 19, hyqlx 12, hyqlxw 2, hyqlxl 1
In NET:Hilkiah 34
In AV:Hilkiah 34
Definition:Hilkiah = "my portion is Jehovah"

1) father of Eliakim, an officer of Hezekiah
2) high priest in the reign of Josiah
3) a Merarite Levite, son of Amzi
4) another Merarite Levite, 2nd son of Hosah
5) one of those who stood on the right of Ezra when he read the law
and probably a Levite and a priest
6) a priest of Anathoth, father of the prophet Jeremiah
7) father of Gemariah who was one of Zedekiah's envoys to Babylon
or Chilqiyahuw {khil-kee-yaw'-hoo}'from 2506 and 3050;
portion of Jah; {Chilhijah, the name of eight Israelites:-
see HEBREW for 02506
see HEBREW for 03050
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