zayith <02132>

tyz zayith

Origin:probably from an unused root [akin to 02099]
Reference:TWOT - 548
PrtSpch:noun masculine, noun proper locative
In Hebrew:tyz 13, Mytyzh 5, Mytyzw 4, Mytyz 3, tyzk 3, tyzh 2, Mkytyzw 2, Ktyz 2, Mhytyz 1, tyzl 1, Ktyzl 1, Mytzh 1
In NET:olive trees 10, olive tree 9, olive 7, olives 4, Olives 3, olive groves 3, olive grove 1
In AV:olive 17, olive tree 14, oliveyard 6, olivet 1
Definition:n m
1) olive, olive tree
1a) olive tree
1b) olives

n pr loc
2) mountain facing Jerusalem on the east side
probably from an unused root (akin to 2099); an olive (as
yielding illuminating oil), the tree, the branch or the
berry:-olive (tree, -yard), Olivet.
see HEBREW for 02099

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