ziyqah (\\#Isa 50:11\\) <02131>

hqyz ziyqah (\\#Isa 50:11\\) (fem.) and qz ziq or qz zeq

Pronunciation:zee-kaw' zeek zake;
Origin:from 02187
Reference:TWOT - 573
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Myqzb 4, Myqz 1, twqyz 1, twqyzbw 1
In NET:chains 4, firebrands 1, flaming arrows 1, ignited 1
In AV:chain 3, spark 2, firebrand 1, fetter 1
Definition:1) spark, missile, firebrand, flaming arrow
2) fetters
(Isa. 50: (feminine); and ziq {zeek}; or zeq {zake}; from
2187; properly, what leaps forth, i.e. flash of fire, or a
burning arrow; also (from the original sense of the root) a
bond:-chain, fetter, firebrand, spark.
see HEBREW for 050
see HEBREW for 02187

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