'eden <0134>

Nda 'eden

Origin:from the same as 0113 (in the sense of strength)
Reference:TWOT - 27a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mhyndaw 19, Mynda 15, ynda 11, hynda 3, wyndaw 3, wynda 2, Mhynda 2, Myndahw 1, Ndal 1
In NET:bases 51, sockets 4, base 1
In AV:socket(s) 56, foundations 1
Definition:1) base, pedestal, socket (strong, firm)
1a) pedestals of gold on which marble pillars were set
1b) pedestals of the earth, foundation of the earth
1c) pedestals, bases, or sockets on which tabernacle stood
from the same as 113 (in the sense of strength); a basis (of
a building, a column, etc.):-foundation, socket.
see HEBREW for 0113

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