'adown <0113>

ynda 'adown or (shortened) Nda 'adon

Pronunciation:aw-done' aw-done'
Origin:from an unused root (meaning to rule)
Reference:TWOT - 27b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:ynda 168, wynda 36, yndal 25, Kynda 20, Mkynda 11, Mhynda 8, Nwda 8, yndaw 6, wnynda 6, Nwdah 5, Mynda 4, Kyndal 3, Mhyndal 2, hynda 2, wyndal 2, yndab 2, Nwdal 2, Myndah 2, hyndal 1, hynwda 1, wnyndaw 1, Mhynwda 1, Mynwda 1, wnnda 1, wnynwda 1, Nwdalw 1, *wynda {wnda} 1, wyndam 1, yndam 1, wyndak 1
In NET:master 135, lord 114, master's 23, Lord 10, sir 8, masters 5, lord's 5, you 4, Sir 3, lords 3, sovereign 2, owner 2, Majesty 2, sovereign Ruler 1, favor 1, him 1, husbands 1, husband 1, me 1
In AV:lord 197, master(s) 105, Lord 31, owner 1, sir 1
Definition:1) firm, strong, lord, master
1a) lord, master
1a1) reference to men
1a1a) superintendent of household,of affairs
1a1b) master
1a1c) king
1a2) reference to God
1a2a) the Lord God
1a2b) Lord of the whole earth
1b) lords, kings
1b1) reference to men
1b1a) proprietor of hill of Samaria
1b1b) master
1b1c) husband
1b1d) prophet
1b1e) governor
1b1f) prince
1b1g) king
1b2) reference to God
1b2a) Lord of lords (probably = "thy husband, Yahweh")
1c) my lord, my master
1c1) reference to men
1c1a) master
1c1b) husband
1c1c) prophet
1c1d) prince
1c1e) king
1c1f) father
1c1g) Moses
1c1h) priest
1c1i) theophanic angel
1c1j) captain
1c1k) general recognition of superiority
1c2) reference to God
1c2a) my Lord,my Lord and my God
1c2b) Adonai (parallel with Yahweh)
or (shortened) adon {aw-done'}; from an unused root (meaning
to rule); sovereign, i.e. controller (human or divine):-
lord, master, owner. Compare also names beginning with

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