bikkuwr <01061>

rwkb bikkuwr

Origin:from 01069
Reference:TWOT - 244e
PrtSpch:noun masculine plural
In Hebrew:yrwkb 8, Myrwkb 4, Myrwkbh 2, yrwkbw 1, Myrwkblw 1, hrwkbk 1, Kyrwkb 1
In NET:first fruits 7, firstfruits 5, first ripe grain 2, early fig 1, first ripe fruit 1, first-ripe fruit 1, first ripe 1
In AV:firstfruit 14, firstripe 2, firstripe figs 1,hasty fruit 1
Definition:1) first-fruits
1a) the first of the crops and fruit that ripened, was gathered,
and offered to God according to the ritual of Pentecost
1b) the bread made of the new grain offered at Pentecost
1c) the day of the first-fruits (Pentecost)
from 1069; the first-fruits of the crop:-first fruit (-ripe
(figuratively)), hasty fruit.
see HEBREW for 01069

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