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Psalms 20:2


20:2 May he send you help from his temple; 1 

from Zion may he give you support!

Psalms 37:39


37:39 But the Lord delivers the godly; 2 

he protects them in times of trouble. 3 

1 tc Heb “from [the] temple.” The third masculine singular pronominal suffix (ן, nun) has probably been accidentally omitted by haplography. Note that the following word begins with a prefixed vav (ו). See P. C. Craigie, Psalms 1-50 (WBC), 184.

2 tn Heb “and the deliverance of the godly [ones] [is] from the Lord.”

3 tn Heb “[he is] their place of refuge in a time of trouble.”

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