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Map OT2

The Travels of The Patriarchs in Canaan

XY Place Name NET G
C6 Ai 33
B5 Antipatris 1
B5 Aphek in Sharon 9
B7 Beer Sheba 33
C4 Beth Shan 5
C4 Beth Shean 2
C6 Bethel 65
E2 Damascus 56
D2 Dan 56
D7 Dibon 9
C4 Dothan 2
B6 Ekron 20
A7 Gaza 20
B7 Gerar 10
C3 Hazor 18
C7 Hebron 67
C6 Jericho 59
C6 Jerusalem 784
C4 Megiddo 12
D4 Pella 0
C4 Scythopolis 5
C5 Shechem 58
C8 Zoar 9
C6 Salem 4
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