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GREEK: 2203 Zeuv Zeus
NAVE: Zeus
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In Bible versions:

the chief of the pagan Greek gods

NET Glossary: in Greek mythology, the king of the gods, the god of the sky and thunder, husband of Hera (Zeus was known as Jupiter to the Romans)


Strongs #2203: Zeuv Zeus

Jupiter or Zeus = "a father of helps"

1) the national god of the Greeks and corresponds to the Roman Jupiter

2203 Zeus dzyooce

of uncertain affinity; in the oblique cases there is used instead of
it a (probably cognate) name

Dis deece, which is otherwise obsolete

Zeus or Dis (among the Latins, Jupiter or Jove), the supreme deity of
the Greeks:-Jupiter.

Zeus [NAVE]

a Greek and Roman deity, Acts 14:12, 13.


ZEUS - zus (Zeus, the Revised Version margin; the Revised Version (British and American) and the King James Version Jupiter): The supreme god of Hellenic theology, "king of gods and of men." In 168 BC Antiochus Epiphanes, "who on God's altars danced," bent upon the thorough Hellenization of Judea and Jerusalem, sent "an old man of Athens" (or "Geron an Athenian," the Revised Version margin) to pollute the sanctuary in the temple at Jerusalem and to call it by the name of Jupiter Olympius, and that at Gerizim by the name of Jupiter Xenius (2 Macc 6:1 ff). Olympius, from Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods, is the favorite epithet of Zeus, Zeus Olympius being to the Greek world what Jupiter Capitolinus was to the Roman. The same Antiochus commenced the splendid temple of Zeus Olympius, finished under Hadrian. Zeus is also frequently styled Xenius or "Protector of strangers" (Juppiter hospitalis) in classical literature. The epithet is here applied because the people of Gerizim--the Samaritans--were hospitable, probably an ironical statement of the author (compare Lk 9:52 f). Zeus is also in Acts 14:12 f the Revised Version margin for JUPITER (which see).

S. Angus

Also see definition of "Zeus" in Word Study

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